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***Mod Note***
There have been a lot of removals lately.  I just want to encourage those who are being active to advertise the community and to post looking for characters/lines in communities like storylines_r_us if there are any characters you want to see here or if you're looking for a line/lines for your character(s). In addition, I'd like to request that if there is anything you would like to see added as a feature to this community that it be posted in a comment to this entry or if you prefer somewhere more private, a comment posted to the Drop Box.  This is also where any other questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions should go.  Thank you to everyone keeping this place running!

Community Rules
  1. No god-modding (unless you have permission from the character's writer).
  2. Absolutely NO IC/OOC CROSSING!
  3. Do not filter posts or block characters from your journal, aim, or twitter.  If your character doesn't want to talk to someone, that's fine, but there's no need to block people.  If there is a situation you feel warrants blocking someone, bring it to the mod's attention via the drop-box or a private message.
  4. Update your character's journal at least once every two weeks.
  5. Be realistic.  Drama is of course allowed, but if you're going to go down that road, please have some realism about it.
  6. Have fun!

Taken (alphabetical by first name)
Andrew Garfield
Brian Kinney (PB: Gale Harold)
Dylan Smith
Frank Iero
Gerard Way
Jesse Pinkman (PB: Aaron Paul)
Lee Newton
Shannyn Sossamon

Pending (in order of application received)

Held (in order of hold comments)


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